Initiation of the project

Grundidee des Projektes war es, Nachhaltigkeit und Style zusammen zu bringen. Im Fashionbereich findet dies schon lange statt, für breitere Bevölkerungsschichten läuft Nachhaltigkeit jedoch oft noch unter „Wollpulli“. Die Idee entstand aus einer Zusammenarbeit mit zwei „sustainable“ Fashionlabels einerseits – und Tesla Motors andererseits.


In a cycle of intimacy and escape, a classic cinema hero and a young Japanese woman meet in stylised neo-noir compositions. The secret of the beloved is hidden - like the inside of a dark fruit.

The original inspiration came from the Asian film noir of the late 50s. We didn't want to work with models but with actors:inside A dialogue was written but never spoken; instead we developed a language of gestures and looks. A story about love, secrets and loss.

Nicht in Tokio, sondern in Berlin.


Based on an extensive collection of material we had compiled from images, videos and texts, we decided on a genre film as the formal framework for our project. The rigour of a NEO NOIR film gave our overarching project a firm framework. Three different initial interests wanted to be taken into account. Accompanying the development, we began to develop social media posts for all partners - each of the development phases was to be accompanied in this way. The explicit goal here was not only to attract attention in the professional world through some film awards won, but also to motivate positive social media posts. This worked excellently due to the great success of the film (awards in La Jolla /USA, BFFF/D, CANIFF / Canada, among others).

Begleitend zum Film wurde als weiterer Content ein Making Of Video gedreht – und ausgewertet.