commentary on #netzrevolte


Is every shared video social media content?

Strictly speaking, a video shared on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is far from being "social media content" - because it remains a visual monologue. It is only through other factors such as context, a certain multimedia quality, usability and accessibility that make senseful social media content out of a video.

VIDEOS cross the boundaries of these two worlds. They translate real experiences into digital content and they create real engagement through shared bits and bytes. As a filmproduction, we find borderline areas exciting - that's why we've been doing artistic research in the field of visual language for about 20 years.

How does the actual production of videos for social media work in our film production?

You would like to have an image film produced, commission a media presentation of your association, NGO or company, transform an artist's portrait or a dance project into visual music? Maybe you already have a clearly defined idea, maybe you just have the desire or the budget to produce "something good". In our experience, successful videos in social media are only created if you consider the overall context of the production: who do you want to reach, what aesthetics best convey your vision, where does the video fit within existing video content?

What do we start with?

As a Berlin based film production, we love every form of research! At the beginning of every collaboration there is an artistic, content-related and social examination of the topic - or product. Only then does it make sense to concretise a project. From a one-man venture in Calcutta (India) to a cinema production with a team of 40 people, our film production has done it all. Every form and every budget has its advantages and disadvantages. Often it is the combination of streamed live events, pre-produced video content and parallel music release that makes a project effective. That's why we like to look at projects beyond the boundaries of just one medium. It's in our blood, because we work in all formats, from feature films to imagefilm, music videos and international documentaries to video installations.

What projects does our film production do?

Last year, despite Corona, we were able to realise a wide variety of projects: from a documentary music video (SOS Kinderdorf Lausitzto a short feature film in Pakistan on the topic of "sustainable sports goods" (Engagement Globale), image films on the topic of digital bullying (Netzrevolte) Digital strategies for associations (Digital Vereint), zur Smart City Strategy, einer Social Media Kampagne zum Klimawandel (Eineinhalb Grad), as well as some artist portraits (Embassy of Singapore).

What does a video production cost?

Basically, there are two ways to determine the costs of an obviously very individual project: either you approach us with a budget and we see what can be set up with it. Or we first develop a joint vision (perhaps you already have this) and then calculate the project on the basis of daily rates.

In both cases, we will be transparent in every respect. There will be a defined budget that we stick to - and you will not incur any costs for any of the preliminary meetings.