Publikation bei Edinburgh University Press

Unser Sound Artist Budhaditya Chattopahyay hat bei EUP eine Arbeit zum Thema Ambientsound im Film veröffentlicht. Der Herausgeber schreibt: „this book is a ground-breaking exploration of human agency in mediating environmental sounds and the nature of the sonic experience in the Anthropocene.“

Und – man kann es sogar kaufen:

Working with Cine Reflect System

Yesterday, at theDialogue Day Strengthening Youth and Digital Engagement" for HIIG HIIG und die Kooperative Medienproduktion Berlin we worked for the first time mainly with the CRLS system further developed by DOP Christian Berger Christian Berger weiter entwickelten CRLS System This creates a natural, very beautiful light via individual reflectors attached to the ceiling (top right in the picture) - without tripods being in the picture - and without the usual light fall-off.... This will probably be our new standard technique for all livestreams and panel talks, especially when we are not working in a studio.

Talkshow „Prolonged Perspective“ im Rahmen der LANGEN NACHT DER IDEEN

Am 7.6.2021 wird im Rahmen der „Langen Nacht der Ideen“ vom Auswärtigen Amt die von uns realisierte Talkshow „Prolonged Perspectives“ ab 19 Uhr gestreamt. Es geht neben einer kritischen Auseinandersetzung mit der Institution Humboldt Forum auch um die sehr interessanten Arbeiten der drei Künstler*innen Jeremiah Lemohang Mosese, Priya Basil und Zara Zandieh.  Eine Produktion des Humboldt Forums. Tune in!
Filmproduktion einer Talkshow


Our documentary now has its own website: HIER. Alle Infos zum Film, zur Kampagne und zu Festivalteilnahmen werdet Ihr dort auch finden!

PANEL TALK for the Humboldtforum

Am 28.4.2021 sind wir vom Humboldtforum eingeladen worden, einen Panel Talk für die LANGE NACHT DER IDEEN zu realisieren. Mit dabei waren: Priya Basil, Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese and Zara Zandieh, moderiert wurde die Show von Amina Aziz.

For us, after many small projects during the pandemic, finally the opportunity to bring out the bigger equipment again. Yes - thank you very much for the invitation and the great conversation!

Crowdfunding campaign for BERLIN BYTCH LOVE

On 1.5.2021, exactly two years after Luca was born, our crowdfunding campaign for the post-production of our long documentary BERLIN BYTCH LOVE started.  Here you can go to the Crowdfundingseite auf Startnext
We are not only interested in the film, but in drawing attention to the situation of young people on the street. So part of the money will be used to further support them (the young protagonist of our film is now living on the streets again) - and ideally we want to initiate further art projects for and with young people living on the streets.



Long documentary BERLIN BYTCH LOVE in post-production


For more than two years, we accompanied a young couple expecting a child on their way out of homelessness and into their own flat. We worked without interviews and off-text and in about 35 days of shooting we created a very intimate, closely observed film that deliberately has feature film-like features.

At the moment we have a first rough cut of just under two hours and our goal now is to complete an uncompromising film in post-production that will first be shown at festivals and later, for example, on arte.



Today we finished the shoot for the first music video of ARDEN. We had a cold but beautiful shoot in Mecklenburg. Because of the pandemic this time with a very small team....

Setfoto Musikvideodreh auf freiem Feld