"This video is better than a full-length feature film! What a story! What a song! What voices! Breathtaking."

Comment on our video for FAUN


For our film production, realizing a music video is more than capturing a few pretty images and performance. We do not see a music video exclusively as an expression of a marketing strategy, but as the most authentic visual expression of the personality of an artist, a band or an orchestra.

In recent years, our Berlin-based film production company has produced many music videos for UNIVERSAL MUSIC, among others. It starts with simple performance videos with a small team and goes all the way to large productions with 50 extras. Each time we set out on a journey together with the artists.

A good music video is visual music, not illustrated music..

The parallels in the creation of a song and a video go even further: somewhere there is a path that lights up - and we approach the inner theme of the video through images, materials, places, lyrics and thoughts.

A good video needs space - for trying out, searching and experimenting. For us, effectiveness is not the first priority, but your satisfaction with the result.


1 shooting day - from 1000€ 
  • Videorecording of a playback session
  • One or more shots
  • 1 Regiekameramann & 1 Assistent:In
  • 4K camera with Leica Lenses
  • Slider, gimbal and lights included
  • Editing and color correction
  • Expenses for locations are not included
  • Only in Berlin
  • Click here for an example


2 shooting days - from 2500€
  • Joint scripting
  • 2 shooting days
  • Several locations (fees not included)
  • Team 2-3 experienced people
  • 4K RAW camera with Leica lenses
  • Slider, gimbal, lights e.g. included
  • Editing and color correction
  • In Berlin and throughout Germany
  • Click here for an example


Several shooting days 
  • Joint story development
  • Casting and locationscouting for sidestories
  • Scalable team
  • Animations / VFX /SFX
  • High End Film Equipment - anything goes
  • Gesamtes Netzwerk steht zur Verfügung
  • Production of packages is possible
  • Worldwide
  • Click here for an example