Collectively we are facing a new challenge. Events, concerts, workshops, congresses and shootings are getting postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. For you this means: everything you worked on for a long time is now threatened by cancellation. For us this means: we have free capacities.

Let's get together! We will turn your conference via Livestream into a creative DIGITAL EXPERIENCE.

Unser Ansatz ist es, Ihr Event nicht nur zu streamen - sondern es zu verwandeln - oder es an einer besonderen Location zu erschaffen. Unsere Erfahrungen in der Umsetzung von Social Media Kampagnen, unser Umgang mit Räumen, SchauspielerInnen und Ästhetik lassen auch einen Videostream wie eine Fernsehübertragung wirken. Erfahrungen im Streaming haben wir in jahrelanger Zusammenarbeit mit der Kooperative Berlin gesammelt (Digitaler Salon für das HIIG etc.).

We will not only think of the technical side, but take a look at the whole event. A pre-produced trailer? Playbacks on specific topics? Moderation of the event by an experienced presenter? A fancy location above the roofs of Berlin?

We think in projects. In Berlin and throughout Germany.

Sprechen Sie uns einfach an.


1 DIRECTOR, max 3h
  • One 4 K camera
  • HD Livestream on youtube, Facebook etc.
  • Public or private
  • 4K recording of the stream
  • Daylight Equipment
  • Prime Lenses
  • Sennheiser wireless microports
  • Only in Berlin


1 DIRECTOR, 1 D.O.P. max 3h
  • Zwei 4K Kameras, ein D.O.P.
  • Live Editing, recording of the Livestream
  • HD streaming on youtube, Facebook, Periscope
  • private or public
  • Daylight Equipment
  • Prime Lenses
  • Multichannel Audio
  • Only in Berlin



  • Several 4 K cameras with operator
  • Live Editing, recording of the Livestream
  • Organization of the whole event
  • Use of dollys, sliders or crane
  • Preproduction of inserts, trailers, teasers
  • Greenscreen combined with graphics
  • Our full creative input
  • Throughout Germany
Of course we observe all the rules of the infection protection law, so that no one is endangered by the work. All prices are net plus 19% VAT.