The corona pandemic did not make life any easier for associations either. DIGITAL VEREINT is an initiative of the Technology Foundation Berlin with the aim of enabling the continuation of association work in the digital realm. In August, Citylab Berlin approached us with the idea of producing two films: an image film that makes the work of DIGITAL VEREINT plausible and an explanatory film that clarifies the Senate's Smart City strategy. Both films were to run in an exhibition just three weeks later. This was a real time challenge for our film production as well.


The starting point for our work in this case were only two rather long, somewhat unwieldy speaker texts. Due to the Corona period, there was no visual material, no audio material. We quickly decided to work with our partners at JOJOMOTO to animate the explanatory film for the Smart City strategy. Assets were designed - and directly implemented. For the DIGITAL VEREINT video, the special challenge was to find interview partners and film locations within a few days.


It is important to us to present even unwieldy contexts in an emotionally comprehensible way. The aesthetic core idea of the short film thus became disappearance: Places that empty out, offices that stand deserted, a garden left to its own devices. We don't particularly like stock footage - we wanted to shoot all the images ourselves if possible. Fortunately, we have been living and working in Berlin for over 20 years and are part of a huge network. So the video for DIGITAL VEREINT was realised within two weeks, including editing.


Our film and video production is very happy to work for foundations, NGOs and associations.  Of course, we do not see ourselves purely as service providers in this context and so our involvement often goes far beyond the production of a film or video. At the end of 2021, for example, we produced a film for the project MARBLES OF REMEMBRANCE of Arolsen Archives  organised a joint excursion day with around 30 children from a Waldorf school in Berlin.